Esri Indonesia specializes in Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and image processing technology and solutions with a broad range of products, applications and total spatial solution offerings.


Founded in 1990 to better support our growing customer base in Indonesia and the region, Esri Indonesia has established itself to be the GIS leader and player in the region by providing cutting edge GIS and image processing technologies and solutions from the world leaders - Environmental Systems Research Institute, Inc. (ESRI Inc.) and ITT Visual Information Solutions (ITT VIS).


Further to supporting our regional customers and partners, Esri Indonesia is also actively promoting the awareness and adoption of GIS and image processing technologies. Our aim is to provide the geographic advantage to improve situational awareness and the decision making process. This will lead to greater efficiency and utilization of limited resources for long term and sustainable economic growth and development.


By combining our skills, expertise and experiences from across a wide range of industries and using the latest information technology and best practices, Esri Indonesia is well positioned to offer our customers the best value proposition and complete geospatial solutions to meet their ever challenging demands.

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Esri Indonesia specializes in providing complete spatial intelligence based professional services in consulting, training, technical support and the overall successful implementation of GIS in your organization.

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Esri created and released a new, comprehensive map of the world's oceans and coastal areas. The Ocean Basemap is now available as a cached map service in ArcGIS Online.


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GeoDesign integrates geographic science with design, resulting in a systematic methodology for geographic planning and decision making.